Don’t Be Afraid of Technology

Now that I know computers and technology can be obtained by low income schools, I began to look at how technology can actually begin to close gaps between low income and high income schools instead of create them.

First, technology can provide low income schools with access to fundraising without relying on parents to purchase t-shirts, candy, or magazines.  Technology can actually expand the reach of your donors to include large corporations who may not otherwise know your schools exists.

Technology can also provide teachers that have limited access to textbooks and curriculum with the ability to collaborate with other teachers through online resources.  Teachers share thousands of classroom activities and lesson plans on sites such as Pinterest.  Another valuable resource is Better Lesson, which is a free online website that allows teachers to search by subject and provides worksheets.

Additionally, free iphone apps can be accessed to engage students in learning classroom content.  Free apps, such as Dash4Teachers can also allow teachers to track communication with parents and guardians.  Through this app, teachers can also rate each conversation as positive, neutral, or negative to monitor messages being sent home to parents and promote a positive relationship between parent and teacher. 

Thus, technology should not be seen as unobtainable and out of reach to low income schools.  Instead, schools with limited access to resources should be encouraged to utilize technology in the classroom setting to break down several of the barriers that these schools face.


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