Free Computers… They exist!

Teachers at low-income schools may not have the time, resources, or knowledge that is required to apply for big government grants that provide a 1:1 student to computer ratio.  Luckily, there are other easily accessible options that provide free computers to schools.

Teachers can approach several organizations to collect unused computers.  For example, requests can be submitted to national foundations, such as the National Christina Foundation that collects surplus and used computers donated by large corporations and individuals.  Other organizations, including the Computer Recycling Program and Free Computers for Education, can be accessed online.   Both organizations work to collect used computers, which are updated by the organizations before being disseminated into schools around the world.  The Computer Recycling Center also allows applicants to submit multiple requests as it supplies technology to both students and staff.

Another option is to reach out to the Computers for Learning website, which collects retired computers from the US government and disseminates them around the nation to under served educational facilities.

The best thing about these organizations is that the proposal or requests for technology are a lot less demanding than a standard educational grant.  When submitting a request to one of the above organizations or others like it, the proposal should be brief and fact filled.  Include why your school needs free computers, how many computers are needed, what demographic is served by the school, and goals that you will achieve by utilizing computers in the classroom.


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