Barriers to technology in low-income schools

After researching the topic a bit more and contacting some librarians at low-income schools, I have discovered that there are multiple state grants and resources available to incorporate technological devices and internet into low-income school settings.  Some grants even provide low-income schools with technology at the 1:1 ratio, meaning each child in the classroom can access their own device.

However, low-income schools face other barriers that prevent them from incorporating technology into the classroom.  Teachers at low-income schools are more likely to struggle when incorporating technology into their teaching strategies.  Most are unprepared or unfamiliar with methods that utilize technology to promote research, communication, and collaboration.

Additionally, teachers are not only limited through their own skills but also are restricted as their students lack the basic computer skills that exist in higher-income schools.  Some teachers have overcome this by allowing students to take home devices with resources already downloaded on them so students are not required to have access to internet or special software in the household setting.  Special downloads with expiration dates can also be provided to the students to ensure the technology rights are returned to the school.

As I continue to work on this topic, I will look at innovative ways to overcome these and other barriers that prevent low-income schools from effectively utilizing technology.  I have also started to collect ideas, tips, and hints that I have come across to help advance low-income schools on a pinterest board (


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