Why is technology in the classroom important?

After reading the blog by Scott Cornell, an expert in tracking technology trends (http://www.emergingedtech.com/2013/07/5-ed-tech-resources-i-used-while-working-in-a-low-income-class/) I gained a lot of insight as to why it is important for low-income students to have access to technology.  These students not only lack access in the classroom but also in their home environments.  By incorporating technology into the classroom curriculum, students can gain valuable skills that they cannot access else where.  It is important in today’s technology flooded world that students enter the workforce with an understanding of basic computer and online communication methods.

Students who attend schools that lack access to technology such as computers, iPads, Smart Boards, and telephones, may fall behind other students who have the ability to utilize learning tools that rely on technology in the classroom.  Thus, with society relying more and more on technology, advanced learning tools being structured for an online setting, and low-income students unable to access technology in the home environment, it is necessary for low-income schools to find ways to incorporate technology into their curriculum to close the learning gap that currently exists between students who attend low-income schools and those who are enrolled in middle or upper income schools..


One response to “Why is technology in the classroom important?

  1. I think this topic you chose is very interesting! Technology seems like a necessity for the classroom these days, and shouldn’t everyone have access to it? This makes me think of the Clarke county schools which are in the low-income category. It would be so neat to see them be able to use technology! Great job!

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